Full curriculum: cv_ameerkerk.pdf

My name is André Meerkerk - Van Andel. I was born in the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 1980. I grew up in Krimpen aan de Lek, a small village at the countryside. It offered a typical Dutch setting with a big river, polders, dykes and cows. When I was very young I even wore wooden shoes! During primary and secondary school I was part of the local scouting group. That's where I learned to sail and row, enjoyed exciting holiday camps, etc. At the age of eight I started to play the guitar, encouraged by my parents to choose an instrument. The instrument and inspiring teacher fit me, and at the age of 14 I reached the third place at the National Guitar Concours at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

After secondary school I went to Wageningen University. I intended to go and study meteorology (the weather) but soon it appeared I liked soil science and geomorphology even more! The courses involved great field practicals, amongst others in France and Spain. My doctoral study involved two theses and a practical period, that gave me the opportunity to get a good grasp of life and nature in Africa. I spent three months in South Africa in 2002 and six months in Senegal in 2003. During 2002-2003 I also enjoyed one year of education at the conservatory of Arnhem. I was very happy to be instructed by Lydia Kennedy, an inspiring and experienced teacher. I graduated in environmental soil science in January 2004. Soon afterwards I obtained a PhD position at the Université catholique de Louvain in Belgium, where I graduated in physical geography in 2008.

Next, I returned to the Netherlands where I got a job at Nieuwland Geo-informatie. Furthermore I'm a guitar teacher and investor.